Egyptian Holidays: Things to do

The land of Egypt offers millions of things to see and do while on your vacations. The land overflows with ancient structures and monuments which transcends you to the ancient times. Get amazed by the pyramids and architectural wonders which have Greek, Roman, Christian and Arab nation contribution written over them. Check out some great Package Holidays and say hello to entertaining activities mentioned below:

The Pyramids

Egypt is not all about pyramids or is it? Of course it is not, but the magnificence they ooze, definitely surpasses all other activities of the land. You are bound to get mesmerized by the Great Pyramids of Giza, the remainders of the long gone ancient world. Viewing the gigantic stone structures erected nearly 5,000 years ago, with millions of blocks of limestone is mind boggling experience. Your guide will fine tune your historic knowledge, with narrations of the history of these wonderful structures. You get a once-in-lifetime opportunity to enter these mystique pyramids and admire the ancient treasures. The unique Sphinx carved from a single block of limestone, with a human head and lion’s body is a wonder to watch.

photo credit: archer10 (Dennis) via photopin cc

photo credit: archer10 (Dennis) via photopin cc

Boat Cruise

A boat cruise to Ras Mohamed National Park is an experience you will cherish all your life. The scenic crystal clear blue waters of the Red Sea and the majestic mountainous landscape of Sinai Mountains drift you into a wonderland. It is leisure at its best all along the cruise, with the added bang of swimming and snorkeling awaiting you. The schools of colorful fishes and spectacular coral reefs are a delight to your eyes. You can hire your snorkeling gear onboard the boat, or choose just to swim around, or if even that seems too much you can just relax onboard and let the picturesque beauty seep into you.

The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities

A Mecca for history buffs, a visit to this magnificent museum is a must, for it beholds world’s greatest collections of Egyptian artifacts, apart from the legendary Tomb of Tutankhamun’s haul. The museum is a treasure house, with over 120,000 antique collections on display. Some of which include huge statues of the pharaohs and gods, coffins studded with semi-precious stones and gold leaves, jewels, scrolls of papyrus, and the mummified remains. You can spend your entire vacations viewing all the artifacts, hence get a guided tour to hover over some of the world renowned treasures including King Tuthankhamun’s intricate coffin, and the statue of Khafre.

Quad Biking

Take a break from history and go on an adventurous tour exploring the beautiful Sinai Desert on a quad bike. Undertake this guided trip towards the Sinai Mountains and get a breathtaking view of the dunes, valleys, and canyons, which offer great photographic shots. The amazing Pharaonic Valley is the best place to see the reconstruction of ancient Egypt.

With numerous other activities including ballooning, theme parks, adrenalin sports, theatres, adventure tours and sightseeing cruises, your Egyptian holidays are bound to give you a lifetime experience. Avail online help for planning your itinerary and have a great timeout.

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