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Keeping in touch while traveling

The idiomatic significance of ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ was a good take in the 20th century cinema. The opening of the 21st century has seen a boom in technology and the magic

5 Last Minute Travel Tips for Cheap Holidays

Ok, so it’s a couple days before you’re scheduled to leave for your big holiday trip.  You’ve bought all your gifts, taken time off work, and are super excited to spend some quality time

Germany: Invading Ground for Tourists

Take it coming straight from the horse’s mouth – Germany is the heart of Europe and the one which steals the hearts of millions of tourists that visit this grand nation which beholds scenic

How to get around in Austin – Tip #1: Bring a paddle

The musical city of Austin transports you into a different world all together with its electric ambiance produced by the strings of guitar and the beats of drum. On a recent visit to the

Our Trip to Atlanta: A City with Surprising Character

The cosmopolitan flair of Atlanta combined with abundance of greenery makes this place a must visit for tourists. The unique culture of this most populous city in Georgia attracts millions of people every year.

Where to eat in Orlando

We recently visited Orlando for its sheer popularity as a tourist destination and soon came to know why this city is one of the most visited destinations in the country. The city offers a

My Trip to Boston – Visiting Boston on a Tight Budget

I often like to take trips to different cities so that I can experience all that this world has to offer. I often have to travel for my job, but it is not the

Tips for Tourists in Ocean City

A fun trip at East Coast’s premier vacation spot left us with a truly enriching experience. Millions of visitors are attracted to Ocean City’s incredible beaches and the beautiful boardwalk. The city hosts an

How to Visit Washington DC on A Budget

Washington, DC is the center for democracy in the United States, and the idea that I was going to spend the weekend there thrilled me because I am a patriot and I love the

Tips for Tourists in Burlington

If you are an outdoor enthusiast like me and are looking for some adventure then Burlington is the place to be. It is a Golfer’s paradise with 9 golf courses within the city. The